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A family with Bonner County roots.



Donna has been with the Bonner County Assessor's Office for 30 years.  Donna along with her husband George and two boys Gregg and Michael moved to Bonner County in 1980.  The family has always been a big part of the local community.  Donna has held positions in real estate and retail before joining the Bonner County Assessor's Office.  Since joining the assessor's office in 1990, she has worked for five different assessors gaining valuable experience.  Donna has over 500 hours of appraisal education through IAAO, the International Association of Assessing Offices, and training sessions through North Idaho College as well as other collegiate institutions.

Donna values service to her community and is proud of her family as they continue to serve their communities.  Gregg is currently serving as a Command Chief in the United States Air Force and Michael currently serves as a Captain in the Selkirk Fire Department.

Donna's children understand service to their community and so does she.

Donna believes her experience and being a long time residence of Bonner County provides her with the attributes to be the Assessor the people of Bonner County need.  Over the last three years, along with the people at the Assessor's Office and DMV have made great strides to take care of the people of Bonner County. 


- Continue to build better relations with Realtors, Contractors, and the public

- After change to new CAMA System; build a user friendly web page


- Over 30 years in the assessment field

- Over 500 hours of appraisal education

- Worked with 5 different Assessors with different management styles


- Updated County Assessor's web page for better user experience

- Increased and improved training

- Hired a Forester to help improve fair and equitable assessments

- Updated polices 

- Created the "Notice of Inspection" letters for revaluation of properties

- Improved Ponderay DMV with "Take a Ticket" to improve customer service experience

-Implemented pagers in Priest River DMV to improve the wait and customer experience

- Focused on the Assessor's and DMV Offices to provide the best service possible

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